Less Than 5 – Focus Recess – Episode 00135

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Bouncing my way to health.

Bouncing my way to health.

Less than 5 on Fridays is always about taking a focus recess, and we always do a quick recap of our shows – we wouldn’t want you to miss a beat.

  • Content Marketing Mondays always
  • Entrepreneur blues and how to beat them on Tues
  • Press releases and social media on Wed.
  • Power Women Speak on Wed with Faye Kitariev – excellent show with a former ice skating coach to a life skating coach. Do the names Sasha Cohen and Johnny Weir mean anything to you – that’s my Faye.
  • On Thursday it was all about winning and losing
  • Today it’s about focus recess
  • I am bad about taking a focus recess
  • I work weekends because they are not weekends, they are just another day of the week
  • I take a lot of me time during the week
  • Tomorrow I am podcasting with an author who has written over 50 books
  • Meeting friends for drinks
  • I am buying a rebounder – I need exercise I sit too much

Take some focus recess time sometime this weekend.


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