Less Than 5 – Winning and Losing – Episode 00134

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Everybody Dance Now - we are all winners.

Everybody Dance Now – we are all winners.

Less than 5 today is about what I heard on the news this morning and I thought about it and winning and losing came to mind.

  • It threw me when I heard Kerry Walsh talk about the bronze medal
  • She basically said she used to think of the bronze as losing
  • She corrected herself but I guess that maybe the disappointment is apparent
  • There is always going to be someone with the top medal, top trophy but wait if you got to go to the Olympics you are a participant you are there.
  • I have a problem with the word “lose”
  • If you participate in anything you are a winner including participating in life
  • Yesterday a show went live and she went from a poor refugee to a winning skating coach.  I don’t remember her using the word lose.
  • People tag us with words
  • If you try your best you are a winner
  • Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy but getting out of bed every morning to do it all over again makes us a winner
  • The negative ick needs to disappear from our lives
  • We are better than that right?
  • Be kind
  • Winning and Losing are words not labels.



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