Power Women Speak – Faye Kitariev – Episode 00092

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You want to get her 2 free chapters...she is gorgeous in and out.

You want to get her 2 free chapters…she is gorgeous in and out.

On this segment of Power Women Speak I get to speak and listen to Faye Kitariev, a most amazing coach and choreographer in skating and in life.  My editor even said this is one of my best interviews ever.  I intend to bring Faye back soon. Get Ready!  Get Set! Listen!

  • I start by explaining how I knew how to pronounce Faye’s name right – when you grow up in an ethnic neighborhood you know the names
  • This show was recorded a while back and I held it till now due to the Olympics – Faye is connected to the Olympics – the winter games but she has done much more than that.
  • So then I open the show and I was worried about pronouncing her name LOL
  • Then I said it right go figure
  • Faye Kitariev found me and wrote “I am a poor refugee.”
  • She thought people would perceive her that way.
  • Why?  The Soviet Union only allowed them to take $90/person think about that
  • Faye was 18 then
  • She skated from 2 1/2 years old on
  • Faye coached Sasha Cohen in the 2006 Olympics
  • and she choreographed Johnny Weir to his one and only International medal
  • She admits she never really liked skating she likes coaching skaters
  • Faye explains all the things she did not want to grow up to be as she started to think about professions
  • Accounting is what she decided upon
  • One day she walked past Rockefeller Center and liked the fact that it was outdoors
  • She skated and they hired her as a skate guard for $7/hr vs her cleaning job at $4/hr
  • People encouraged her to try out for Ice Capades they did not take her
  • Disney on Ice was – so she quit going to school and waited for the call
  • A friend said get a degree in coaching ice skating – actually University of Delaware had a degree and when she visited she knew this is what she wanted to be.
  • Now how to make it happen
  • Faye was going to school through funding from NY State and here is U of Delaware $19K per year and live out of state
  • Add to this no one in the community had ever done that
  • Her dad took loans for her but she was $3K short
  • 3 days before money was due in the mail was a check for $3K from an insurance co from a car accident – talk about phenomenal occurrences
  • Amazing right?
  • Faye coached 22 years and then…
  • The 2006 Olympics came, Sasha won the silver, not the gold and this got Faye to think about the psychological part of the sport
  • Most of us do not train our minds and Faye was one.  She trained the body, new the technique but wanted to be a better coach
  • Back to school for her Master’s Degree where she learned to go beyond the body beyond the mind
  • Spiritual Psychology is what she ended up getting her Master’s Degree in, not Sports Psychology where she originally started.
  • Faye shares super advice
  • What is spiritual psychology?
  • The attitude of gratitude came into the conversation
  • This is when skating started to fade off and helping others came to the forefront
  • Her book is a “she” – she has a spirit
  • “Choreography of Awakening” took about 3 years to write
  • Faye realized I can see her – how much fun and she is beautiful no matter what
  • Institute for Performance Mastery where she coaches, and does public speaking
  • Faye loves high performance
  • We discuss why we believe it when people call us names and put labels on us
  • You can reach Faye Kitariev at http://coachfaye.com
  • You can have 2 free chapters from her book
  • Register for her clarity chart and you will get your two free chapters
  • http://www.coachfaye.com/the-clarity-chart
  • People interpret her book in different ways and that is a good thing
  • Faye is live on Facebook
  • She takes Q & A on Tuesdays at 11AM PST
  • We discuss how skaters do train here in FL.
  • I am hoping Faye comes to FL soon

I have a girl crush on Faye Kitariev kisses and hugs to her.



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