Less Than 5 – Press Releases and Social Media – Episode 00133

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Press Releases do Work.

Press Releases do Work.

Less than 5 visits press releases and social media and why they work well together.  Ready?

  • The cost of a press release service is from $59- $279 per press release that doesn’t include my fee for writing.
  • You won’t get my pricing, I get a discount (so sad)
  • You can write your own but you need to know how to write and do it in a great format
  • Branding and credibility you don’t get SEO
  • It is awesome for branding again NOT SEO
  • You are using content to spread the word about your company
  • It has to be newsworthy
  • Now you can brand through press releases and then put the press release all over social media
  • I list all the things a good press release will do for you
  • It can be cheaper than advertising on social media because after you pay the fee you can use it for free on social media platforms and get more bang for the buck
  • You want to include social media icons on your press release
  • Photos and videos too
  • I have give you really good reasons to use press releases
  • Email me at carole@carolesanek.com
  • You can also try it yourself and flip flop around like a fish out of water too.

Press releases do work when you work a press release the right way.



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