Power Women Speak – Jayne Arrington

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Inspiring, caring, kind, spiritual and beautiful inside and outside.

Inspiring, caring, kind, spiritual and beautiful inside and outside.

Oh the fun in bringing you a show under the segment of Power Women Speak with the magnificent Jayne Arrington.  We discuss belly dancing and so much more so get ready!  Get Set!  Listen!

  • Jayne Arrington is a friend of mine and I have known her for a while.
  • She is an entrepreneur with her business Dance Craft
  • The business started almost 6 years ago when she moved from California to Florida
  • Dance Craft promotes the arts for women in particular dance.  Under the word dance comes Tribal Belly Dance which originated in the area of California where Jayne lived
  • Tribal belly dance is not Hollywood – they are fully clothed, lots of coins, full length skirts.
  • Their step work does come from India and Gypsy tribes
  • Here in FL they are fully covered and they look like feminine desert nomads
  • The universe worked in mysterious ways with Jayne, a local lady offered classes and she fell in love with tribal belly dance
  • She took classes, started teaching it, she had a 9-5 job but did not like it much, so because she was unhappy she got fired.  She opened a studio and started hosting different dance forms and it just grew and grew.
  • Children took the classes too
  • Men have taken her classes in California none in FL (yet)
  • Her goal is to empower
  • When she moved to FL she began to teach in her living room
  • OOPS we forgot to edit my booboo
  • I grew up with ethnic folk dancing
  • Jayne started in Oriental dance
  • Then Tribal Fest happened in California
  • The festival grew and grew for about 15 yrs it is no longer active
  • Jayne Arrington is a very happy person
  • In her classes they do a lot of core work, and cardio too
  • Jayne and her dancers travel around performing
  • They go back to the San Fran area too
  • Jayne tells her age
  • She doesn’t let age define her
  • We chat about how her business is growing
  • Jayne is training instructors
  • They do drumming classes and fire dance classes
  • And there is more Tai Chi and Qidong
  • Yes, I helped Jayne with her wonderful Facebook page and she nudged me into teaching social media classes.
  • You need to check this out.

    You need to check this out.

  • Check her FB page it is https://www.facebook.com/dancecraft with over 4000 fans
  • I think I taught her well
  • Back to fire dancing
  • They use swords that are wicked at the end, fire fans are also used.
  • Her business lends itself to parties, festivals, being a vendor
  • Has anyone ever been rude or obnoxious while watching
  • The answer is yes
  • Jayne handles disrespect immediately and has been a Barracuda
  • 4248 fans today she is growing nicely
  • Jayne works long hours and is up at 1AM answering comments on FB
  • I ask how old her oldest dancer is – the answer was in her 90’s
  • Many of her ladies are over 55 and go up to 78
  • Crone-ing ladies – I love the expression – I am crone-ing well myself
  • Jayne Arrington has worked with women who need emotional assistance
  • There are tribal dance classes ALL over the country
  • Check American Tribal Style belly dance instructor in your area it is a world-wide style
  • I have a friend who is in Jayne’s classes and watching her amazed me and surprised me and it’s all a good thing.

WOW WOW WOW belly dance right – now don’t you want to get up and dance?  Remember it is dancecraft on Facebook.

Today’s show was brought to you by Butterfly Boom Productions a full service social media PR company.  Reach out to me and I will help you fly.



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