Analytics 101 TCMLS: Episode 00090

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The prettier person in Cyberlicious

The prettier person in Cyberlicious

Analytics 101 oh boy get ready to have some great tips coming your way.  Get ready!  Get set! And listen!

  • Husband and wife team Ben and Sarah Guest of Cyberlicious
  • How Cyberlicious became real
  • Sarah saw the value Ben was building his business and thought about how her background could carry over from speech/language pathology and behavioral therapy to Cyberlicious
  • Ben was bored in corporate America and wanted to help more than one company
  • We all need to know more about analytics
  • I admit my issues with analytics
  • We talk bounce rates
  • We talk about capturing email addresses
  • Ben says you need to have a remarket list
  • Then he goes deep
  • His tips work really well for ecommerce sites
  • The importance of knowing how to use Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Ben makes it sound so easy
  • Even Sarah has to ask for Ben to dumb it down a little
  • Good way to monetize your blog
  • Which anchor text are your readers clicking on?
  • What is your CTA?
  • Ben talks about ad blockers
  • You can ask people to shut off their ad blocker to see your good stuff
of Cyberlicious

of Cyberlicious












  • They have an email club that is free
  • You can contact them here:
  • Ben gives a great final tip and you WANT to hear it.
  • Then he gives more great tips
  • Ben keeps going


call 727-820-1988 M-F from 9-5

Analytics love them or leave them – NO, like them and use them.  Go Analytics.




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