Wisdom Hypnosis From Hiccups to Sex TCMLS: Episode 00016

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We had a very interesting interview with certified Hypno Therapist Debbie Lane of Wisdom Hypnosis in Palm Harbor Florida. Listen to this Podcast and hear what Debbie Lane has to say about her successful journey as a professional hypnosis which includes hiccups and sex.


Wendy and Debbie

Debbie talks about:

  • How professionals can over come rejection, the word “No”, and lack of confidence
  • How she gets good referrals and who her best referrals are
  • Why she does not spend tons of money on advertising
  • How important is social media and a professional website
  • How she has been able to obtain media exposure
  • Her craziest and most rewarding sessions and one is about successful sex
  • How important is it to specialize in one area of your profession
  • What lead Debbie to the fascinating field of hypnosis

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