Creativity Stories & Sounds of Artists – Et Cultura TCMLS: Episode 00089

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Et Cultura meets The Crazy Marketing Ladies and the ITDude

Et Cultura meets The Crazy Marketing Ladies and the ITDude

Creativity, stories and sounds of artists with Et Cultura in St. Petersburg, FL this November and we are bringing you an interview with the exciting people behind the scenes of Et Cultura – the place to be this November for sure.  This is how we help people get started by marketing their event on our show.

  • We recorded this show at The Station House and it is fantastic here
  • Robyn takes the mic and talks about balls
  • This is a fabulous event and will be bringing amazing people to St. Petersburg this November
  • Joel jumps in
  • Et Cultura is an experience that started from a film festival they had last year
  • It grew from FL based films to this
  • Green Bench Brewing Co is where the films get shown
  • Did someone say brewing?
  • Last year they had 30-32 films
  • It is going to be even bigger this year
  • There is going to be so much happening here
  • Et Cultura is the place to be
  • St. Petersburg is pleased to have this group bring something new and different to the area
  • St Pete can be an art destination city
  • National attention is what they are targeting but keeping it local is important
  • St Pete is not just the beaches
  • They started working on it last November and are deep into it for 2016
  • They want to have it be a flavor of SXSW as it should be
  • Collaboration with artists brings new art forms
  • You always want to check their website
  • I ask if they plan to have speakers speaking about causes within the arts
  • Here comes Lindsay of The Station House
  • The Station House is a co-work space that knows how to have a co-work space
  • I love meeting there
  • We plan to podcast from the Et Cultura event what an opportunity
  • All the ways to find Et Cultura are coming at the end of this summary
  • How did they name the event?
  • What do they still need?
  • How can YOU help?
  • Big sponsorship drive starting at $25 think about it visit the website
  • There are so many opportunities
  • How to do this in your city?
  • Start by figuring out who you are
  • You need people who believe in what you believe in
  • There are wonderful free things, food trucks for food and $25 gets you into the paid events for 5 days.
  • Et Cultura will be looking for volunteers check the website, keep coming back
  • Are you feeling the excitement?
  • This event is open to filmmakers is open to filmmakers outside St.Pete
  • How about some pop up art shows?
  • They have 2 world premier films coming
  • Photography based art
  • Crazy things – Lea quit her full-time job to do this
  • Joel is clumsy
  • I ask who is the introvert they all jumped in
  • Yoga is going to rock it there – Disco Yoga and daily Yoga classes
  • They will have a ticket-less app
  • @Etcultura – Twitter
  • is the email address
  • On Pinterest you can find them /etcultura
  • YouTube is Et Cultura
  • Instagram is EtCultura_StPete

Now look them up on their website and make your plans it is lovely in FL in November. The crAzy Ladies will be there getting interviews

This is going to be fantastic and filled with amazing people.

We have amazing listeners too thank you!




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