Supna Shah Hits a Triple and a Home Run – TCMLS: Episode 00088

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Birth Triplets, Birth We Go Kids clothing line - home run.

Birth Triplets, Birth We Go Kids clothing line – home run.

Seriously – Supna Shah hits a triple and a home run in life.  First she is the mother of 3 year old triplets and then her business We Go Kids (active wear for kids) is in the retail market.  This woman will amaze you.

  • I met Supna at a networking event
  • Supna is the mother of triplets and they are 3 years old 2 boys and a girl
  • Her pregnancy went 36 weeks she worked until the day before she delivered
  • All three were born healthy and only 2 went into the NICU and were out of the NICU in a week
  • Supna was working HR at the time
  • First ultrasound showed all 3 – they asked the doctor to stop counting
  • We talk about the fun of traveling with three babies
  • After babies she worked from home for a year
  • During this year Supna gave birth to being an entrepreneur, the year was ending and she loved being a mom
  • Adult conversations are important so she did a year of consulting work
  • Then one day she got a message from someone asking about yoga clothes for a child and that set her brain into gear
  • She started asking questions about kids clothing and marketing kids clothing
  • The cycle started to grow organically
  • We Go Kids was born
  • Her company is active wear clothing for kids
  • Because she could practice yoga at home this all made sense
  • Her business is more than clothing it is about educating families about being active with their kids
  • Twinsburg Twins Day comes into the conversation
  • Going to yoga became a family thing
  • How do you work from home with 3 little ones running around
  • Calls get taken during nap time or when someone else is helping
  • We talk about where the clothing line is made
  • USA made
  • Some are hand appliquéd by moms
  • WOW
  • Are you getting any ideas????
  • is her website
  • The clothing is 100% organic cotton
  • Most active on Facebook and Instagram
  • Supna wasn’t afraid to go through that open door
  • We Go Kids is a new business
  • What would she do differently – get on line faster
  • She has ready-made clothing models
  • They chose very traditional names for the triplets
  • It took months to try to pick names – they waited until they were born
  • Potty training is in the bag
  • Her little girl trained first and taught the boys
  • New ideas and plans – retail is happening
  • Yoga line is animal characters doing yoga poses
  • Supna understood the importance of doing events to promote her products
  • We Go Kids Eat
  • Yoga play
  • Active family weekends with Mike Smith a stay at home dad of 5 – on her FB page
  • More events coming

Supna Shah really hit it out of the park, triplets and a home run in her We Go Kids clothing line which has gone retail.

Here are the ways to find We Go Kids:

The Facebook Page has amazing information on it.

The website:




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