Less Than 5 – Talking Numbers – Episode 00117

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Numbers do count.

Numbers do count.

Less Than 5 talking numbers episode 00117 is just that I am talking numbers and how to grow your numbers over the next several Tuesdays starting with Twitter.

  • I talk about using the word “the” in front of our names
  • Sometimes people say “The Butterfly” is in the room
  • Numbers it is all about those magic numbers
  • We do look more credible with higher numbers
  • Fb -1000
  • Twitter – 2000+
  • LinkedIn 500+
  • It is always about numbers
  • I have software that grows Twitter very nicely and it is all ethical and legal I have used this program based on recommendations from the big thought leaders on Twitter
  • Start with Twitter cards
  • 7 different cards to choose from
  • Go to YouTube or Google to learn the process
  • You need a code from Twitter Developers
  • Participate in hashtag trends
  • Make one up and register it in twubs.com
  • Hashtagify
  • Trendmap
  • Ritemap
  • Respond to Tweets
  • Personal thank yous
  • Read the Tweets your handle was mentioned in and check the Tweeter out
  • Learn about your readers
  • Get those numbers

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