Less Than 5 – Content Marketing – Episode 00116

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It is Content Marketing Monday.

It is Content Marketing Monday.

And here we are, it is Monday and It’s always about content marketing.  I thought about it and realized we need to throw in some tech talk for being smarter about content marketing.

  • You need to audit your content library – all those things you save to your desktop, all those emails – there you go you have a content library.
  • I usually spend a Sunday afternoon to do this.
  • I schedule it
  • Maximize your keyword research you must do this.
  • You have to find the best keywords for your content marketing
  • Do your keyword research
  • Editorial calendars – I couldn’t exist without one for me and for my clients
  • I use this big white board that reminds me of everything I need to do for myself and my clients
  • I also use a weekly calendar that I print out and keep on my desk, I carry it with me, I always know where and when and what, why and how.
  • Google how to do one – it will simplify your life.

More coming next Monday.


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