Less Than 5 – Focus Recess Fridays – Episode 00115

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TGIF everybody we are headed towards the weekend.  Occasionally we get to take focus recess weekends.

We love them and they cost money too.

We love them and they cost money too.

  • What are you doing this weekend
  • We are taking our dog to the allergist – she is a Diva she gets allergy shots
  • $375 for allergy serum
  • Pets can be expensive
  • We are going to go see “The Secret Lives of Pets”
  • We are also investigating taking ballroom dance lessons
  • I am podcasting from my car
  • I was at my doctor’s office waiting to hear about my lab work
  • (She did not yell at me)
  • You really need to treat yourself better
  • Shout out to Debora A Diaz who loves these #LessThan5 segments
  • They will continue
  • Take a focus recess.

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