e-Commerce Master Plan Author Chloe Thomas TCMLS: Episode 00087

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Her latest book is: Customer Manipulation: How to Influence Your Customers to Buy More & Why an Ethical Approach Will Always Win!

Her latest book is: Customer Manipulation: How to Influence Your Customers to Buy More & Why an Ethical Approach Will Always Win!

You know what you get when 2 girls get together to talk – sometimes a long talk.  However e-Commerce author Chloe Thomas whom I actually do know even though she lives in the UK has terrific advice for you so get ready.  Get set.  Listen!

  • I met Chloe on our Podcasters in Paradise cruise in November
  • Chloe had a head cold while on this cruise and felt like a leper because she had this cold
  • She missed the nightclub adventures until 2AM
  • Chloe is a podcaster, an author, a speaker she is everywhere
  • Chloe has been in e-Commerce since 2003
  • We chat a bit about the term “Chargebacks”
  • If you are getting chargebacks you are doing something wrong
  • Fix it
  • I share my annoying problem
  • Pre-2003 Chloe worked at a bank doing marketing
  • She is an Oxford U person
  • We chat about Masterpiece Mystery and what shows take place in Oxford
  • Chloe lives in Cornwall on a peninsula lots of island talk
  • She is 5 hours from London
  • To get to France the ferry from Plymouth takes as long so equal distance
  • I have my geography wrong – Victor Hugo wrote on the north of France and you can see England from there.
  • Chloe said I am allowed to get my geography wrong since I live across the pond
  • We discuss the loveliness of Canada and the Americas
  • We admit we love Jared Easley of Podcast Movement
  • Australia is on her list
  • Chloe spoke at New Media Europe
  • Bringing it back to center
  • Chloe describes her house she lives in a little Cornish cottage with a garden and she is surrounded by fields
  • Chloe lives near several of the best pubs in the world
  • Chloe discusses the pubs in Oxford where Tolkien hung out
  • This show was recorded pre-Brexit
  • We chat about the royals
  • We did move off the e-Commerce topic but we come back
  • Chloe has written 4 real books as she puts it
  • Her new book is Customer Manipulation etc
  • Check out http://customermanipulation.com
  • Chloe explains customer manipulation
  • We discuss the know like and trust phrase
  • We talk should you write 1st person or 3rd person on your About page
  • Writing a letter in 1st person is good
  • Chloe thinks it is a brand decision
  • More about the book
  • Customer master plan
  • She goes through the stages to getting people as customers
  • It’s all about getting people into the funnel
  • Do NOT ever make a promise you cannot keep
  • We chat active vs static pages
  • Chloe admits she used the S word in her own podcast and started over
  • We talk about who F bombs live
  • We discuss cursing LOL
  • Our mothers both dropped the f-bomb
  • Back to the book
  • Chloe self-published and shares how much time went into it
  • Upwork is what Chloe used
  • She hires a cover designer and has been very pleased with all of it
  • I talk about my experience seeing Elizabeth Gilbert and her book tour
  • Chloe doesn’t do book tours
  • Blames it on being introverted
  • Where she is heading over the rest of the year
  • We talk about Ian Cleary who helped me with my presentation for Podcast Movement
  • How to find Chloe
  • Her new book is all over amazon.com https://www.amazon.com.br/Customer-Manipulation-Influence-Customers-Approach-ebook/dp/B01FIHDUOW
  • and of course customermanipulation.com
  • ecommercemasterplan.com for her podcast and more
  • Then if you want to contact Chloe personally do this: Twitter @chloe_ecmp
  • Chloe admits she outsourced her social media on her new book
  • Where does mum live
  • The other side of the rugby pitch
  • I have problems with that accent

What a fun show – love Chloe!  She is amazing.


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