Less Than 5 – Branding – Episode 00113

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bf2Today I give you three ways to get better branding and they are not difficult.  3 ways people to better branding – let’s dive right in:

  • I am very well branded
  • When I changed my business name I kept the word butterfly
  • I am branded well branded to butterflies
  • I get butterfly items all the time
  • I got butterfly works of art last week
  • I got an electric butterfly whose wings move – it looks real
  • I walk into a room and people may not remember my name but they say “The Butterfly is here”
  • Plant these three seeds for branding
  • Connect with your customers for real, not through voice mail or a robotic phone answering whatever.  People want YOU
  • Consistently is number 2 you have to be consistent to your branding voice
  • Invest in your brand – with time and connecting not money
  • Blog is number 3.  Blogging made me the successful brand I am today.

Now don’t forget I have a brand new podcast show on Blog Talk Radio and it is called The Nearness of You come listen – it is a WWII show based on love letters home from my dad to my mom.  If you have anyone you think would be interested please share with them.





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