Power Women Speak – Edie Berg

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I am going to Israel to visit this amazing woman.

I am going to Israel to visit this amazing woman.

I met Edie Berg almost a year ago at Podcast Movement 15 and we established what I would call a cozy female relationship.  This year when we both went to Podcast Movement 16 the friendship grew and became cemented in a bond where all Edie Berg basically had to say is “Come to Israel” and we said yes.  We are going to Israel and I couldn’t be more excited.  In this episode we giggle, we have background noise in the hotel, we have visitors, we have people at the vending machine, and elevator dings.  Go past that and you will hear two women who love each other talking everything from religions in Israel, to networking, to giggling to facts about Edie Berg, my friend.

  • We start out laughing
  • Lawrence is sitting off in the distance listening in – poor Lawrence
  • Everything is buzzing including Edie Berg and I
  • We just finished Podcast Movement 16 and We Are Going to Israel
  • Eyel stops by to say hello – he is Edie’s bald husband.
  • Can’t wait to take this trip
  • Edie Berg’s husband works in a hospital in Toledo as a Radiologist on two weeks off to Israel for two weeks.
  • We will fly for 11 hours and we pick on Larry cause he will need to get up more than me
  • Our friendship grew more at this meeting and Edie Berg said “You need to come to Israel” so we said yes
  • Incredible food I can get into that
  • Red Sea, Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee
  • We thought about going to Jordan so when Edie asked us to come I asked if we will have bombs and mortar fire
  • We are going to just pretend it will not be happening
  • Ding Ding there goes the elevator
  • We just laugh and laugh and we are not sitting at WNYC recording this show like some podcasters
  • Edie Berg has been living in Israel since 1988
  • You land over the Mediterranean Sea
  • OOPS here come the vending machine people getting cans of soda
  • Turbo car or turbo camel
  • We discuss the Christian community in Israel – most are Arab
  • Ultra religious Jewish people you will recognize
  • Ultra religious Muslims may wear the Hajib
  • Many different religious cultures
  • We giggle more
  • Discussion about why Orthodox women shave their heads and wear wigs so as not to be feminine but this makes no sense to us
  • We discuss covering the head yet the beautiful eyes still show
  • I plan to vlog from the trip to Israel and do interviews there
  • We segue to marketing (very oddly)
  • Edie Berg has 5 followers on Snapchat but she still does it she snaps away
  • I F-up my definition of Snapchat
  • Edie Berg sets me straight
  • We chat about Facebook Live
  • Edie Berg has a Facebook group called The Strong Women’s Club and she podcasts
  • It is a leadership podcast
  • Edie tells the sled dog woman’s story about the California girl who went north to Wisconsin to do dog sledding
  • Edie Berg talks about other strong women
  • We talk about strong men too
  • I talk about my neighbor who lived in Budapest and was saved from the chambers by a friend who was a physician
  • I tell my neighbor’s story – it’s amazing
  • She is a warrior
  • Be in the right place at the right time, you have to get out and press the flesh talk to people seeing their eyes and their expressions
  • I talk sham wow
  • It is fun to “unconference” too just hang out and meet people
  • I tell the sweet story about this young woman who was shy to approach me after my presentation
  • I scored 3-4 business opps while here
  • We giggle more
  • Listening to podcasts makes people feel like they really know the podcaster as if they are friends
  • Edie gives her advice as we begin to wind this down
  • “Luck comes to those who work hard.”
  • And then Edie gives another piece of advice
  • You absolutely should listen to the podcast Edie Berg does
  • Edie uses the word “jewishess”

You can find Edie Berg at The Strong Women’s Club Podcast Page on Facebook – google her you know you have found her when you see that she lives in Israel.  We Are Going To Israel.


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