Video, How to Love It, with Meg Le Vu

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Last spring I sat down Skype tp Skype with the scintillating video podcaster, Meg Le Vu and we talked and talked and talked.  This is Meg and she is pretty and smart about video:

Video with Le Vu

Video with Le Vu

  • Meg wrote a book
  • Hear Meg pronounce her name
  • We had a #SkypeFail and started over
  • Good food for weight loss talk
  • Meg has a new book
  • Video Marketers Cookbook (on Amazon) Best Seller too
  • Meg loves to cook
  • The Four Hour Chef inspired her
  • Her first dish was Osso Bucco I am impressed as it is my favorite
  • At this same time she started video marketing
  • Her videos were bad she kept going
  • We re-visit Osso Bucco because I make a mean Osso Bucco
  • She uses Oxtails
  • Nina’s Restaurant in Las Vegas has the best Osso Bucco I ever had – it’s off strip and amazing
  • The recipes are all inside.

    The recipes are all inside.

  • Get in the Lab is her podcast and Meg explains the name and why she started it
  • It’s a long but excellent explanation
  • The Meg tells people what she used to do (shocking)
  • She basically got a job through the mail – they wanted her
  • Her husband has a BSN and decided to be a photographer instead – makes sense
  • They became successful at wedding photography
  • We shout out to Jared Easley who brought us together
  • Meg was bored doing audio podcasting and switched to video
  • Young is a relative term – Meg admits she is turning 30
  • We talk about being entrepreneurs and leaving the 9-5
  • We talk video equipment a Canon G7X
  • Point and shoot
  • Meg has amazing followers on all social platforms
  • Meg is her own on-camera talent
  • More tips on audio with the video
  • We talk about editing
  • It can be a pain but good editing shows the best of who we are
  • We talk about how we handle people who talk too much
  • Meg talks about re-purposing content
  • Meg talks about how she is off center in the rule of thirds in her videos
  • Meg shamelessly uses her dog
  • Willie (my dog) sits behind me or next to me when I podcast
  • We talk about the guy who podcasts his chickens
  • You can find Meg at
  • Or Instragram at meganjphoto
  • Or Twitter meganjphoto
  • FB get in the lab podcast
  • She has over 1000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Is a TV show on the horizon

Reach Meg here all her social media links are here:

Video Marketing with Meg Le Vu

Meg shared so many video tips – it is worth the long listen, yes?