Less Than 5 – Go Ahead Brag – Episode 00107

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Go ahead brag when something WOW happens to you.

Go ahead brag when something WOW happens to you.

I was gathering everything together for my trip to Chicago where I am speaking at Podcast Movement on Thursday and I had packed an article on handling the media when I came across an article on what to brag about when you have appeared somewhere, been interviewed, spoken, whatever.  It is time to brag people.

  • I am hoping to do some #LessThan5 interviews while in Chicago
  • I am speaking about the time I was on “Wheel of Fortune” yes the game show.
  • What do you do when something great happens?
  • I love media attention, don’t you
  • You want to get it out there so share it ALL over social media AND share it more than once, go ahead brag.
  • I use meetedgar.com to schedule posts because everything I put into this platform stays I never have to re-post it.
  • Add it to your press section
  • I don’t have one but I will by the end of the month
  • You want a link in your email signature for sure.
  • Email newsletters too
  • Take Ian Cleary’s advice and send people to your website, get them back to your website.
  • Give people some free stuff, brag and take it back to your website.

Thanks and listen to Blog Talk Radio – my new podcast The Nearness of You all about WWII.