Destroying Stereotypes with Lucy Volpe TCMLS: Episode 00084

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Robyn had a lot of fun with this interview and you don’t have to be a fan of heavy metal music to listen to what she and Lucy talk about – so let’s listen and destroy some stereotypes.

This show is going to rock! Lucy Volpe is a concert promoter at the historic State Theater in downtown St Petersburg, FL. She is also the creator of local doom metal festival Destroyer Fest. A music festival that brought national acts to the Tampa Bay area and received Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Award for Best Sign Tampa Bay is Reclaiming Its Metal Capital Title.

In this episode we discuss Lucy’s indomitable entrepreneurial spirit that has helped her persevere in the face of many challenges and stereotypes in what is still a very male-dominated industry.

  • Lucy talks about how she got started in the music industry
  • How / why she created Destroyer Fest
  • Insights into the doom metal music genre and why people love it
  • Success tips for smashing stereotypes
  • Funny tales of working with musicians & artists

Smashing the stereotype.

Then there is Lucy herself:

Fooled that man didn't she?

Fooled that man didn’t she?

Destroyerfest Woman

Destroyerfest Woman