Less Than 5 Content Marketing Ideas Episode 00091

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Content Marketing Ideas for Growth

Content Marketing Ideas for Growth

It’s Monday and I always share content marketing ideas on Mondays.  Pencil, paper get ready here we go:

  • Ready to rev it up?
  • Vlog – video blogging, make a script, make eye contact with the camera.
  • Speak slowly and breathe.
  • Do more than one take
  • If you have a product pick the best selling one and include a link
  • Make every visit a personalized one for your audience
  • Host a caption contest
  • Find your most popular post and write it again
  • Focus on your why and not your what
  • Make a list of 10 blogs you would like to guest blog on
  • Do your about page
  • Your mission statement, your bio, photos of yourself and a start here page
  • Give something extra to your followers
  • Get on another blog or PODCAST hello
  • We love guests here on the show
  • Send me an email
  • Content marketing ideas woo hoo
  • Have a reader guest post
  • Get new blogging bio head shots taken
  • And a picture of what you do
  • Get testimonials
  • Revamp old content
  • Create a discount code
  • Get on HARO help a journalist
  • WOW lots of content marketing ideas here


I love content marketing Mondays.