Less Than 5 – Don’t Get Banned on Social Media – Episode 00087

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Banned for LifeBoy did we have fun dodging rainstorms with TS Colin who has made it to the Atlantic Ocean.  I was watching the news and they were talking about areas that tap water is banned as drinking water and I remembered I had not finished my shows on what could get you banned on social media.  Today I finish with Google+ and Facebook.

  • G+ no fake pages
  • G+ running contests – use a link to direct ppl to another site.  Leverage social media to move people to your website
  • G+ aggressively circling people
  • Altering a +1 button
  • No keyword stuffing this is Google you will be punished
  • No marketing of certain products gets you banned
  • Go dormant with a pg 9 mos and gone
  • FB – NO fake pages
  • FB no bots or scrapers but it is confusing
  • FB posting copyrighted content
  • Naming your page in goofy ways
  • Collecting user data incorrectly gets you banned
  • CTA in timeline cover can’t do that either.