Exciting Powerful Social Media Advice – TCMLS: Episode 00083

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Social Media Thought Leader

Social Media Thought Leader

Today I have Cloris Kylie with me and she is Venezuelan.  She came to the states to attend UConn – let’s get this show rolling:

  • She feels at home here in the US as an only child her mother joined her.
  • I asked her what her favorite food here is – the answer is (you have to listen)
  • Mama is not a vegetarian
  • Her diet is simple and uncomplicated and that’s a good thing
  • I batch podcast learned that from John Lee Dumas – I do something with podcasting all day Wednesday and it makes my life simpler
  • Schedule all your posts on a specific day in batches
  • We chat Canva and how amazing Canva is
  • It’s free to low cost affordable
  • What scheduling program she uses – Social Oomph (Skype fail)
  • Use FB scheduling program it works best
  • I moved on from Social Oomph to Meetedgar.com and why I like them
  • You have to find what works for you
  • You need to be where your best fit is on social media
  • My work is original
  • We talk about new and fresh have your own content and share good content from others
  • Your page will benefit from riding on the coattails of a great link
  • Cloris has had her business for about 3 years and she wrote a book and realized she needed it.
  • You have to do social media the right way or hire someone who gets it (Like Cloris, Like Me)
  • There is nothing wrong with borrowing an idea and using it authentically (we are not plagiarizing)
  • Why I like Twitter lists
  • I teach people how to use Twitter for free because I like to spread the joy in using it
  • We discuss how to never pay for followers
  • The keyword is authenticity
  • We discuss Cloris’s degree in Industrial Engineering
  • Her MBA is in marketing
  • She likes math
  • Cloris discusses how she finds new things to write and talk about
  • The importance of taking breaks (oops dog barked)
  • Cloris discusses her coaching program and how to grow your subscriber list
  • We discuss how cool it is to be a female entrepreneur
  • How to find Cloris
  • cloriskylie.com
  • free ebook
  • she has webinars
  • she blogs
  • Magnificent Time podcast
  • Cloris finishes with some great advice


Cloris Kylie, MBA, is a performance coach and branding expert. She helps coaches, authors, consultants, speakers, and other service-based professionals boost their visibility and expand their client base through social media, blogging, TV, radio, webinars, speaking, and podcasting. Cloris has been featured on various TV and radio shows, and her articles have been published on personal development and business websites with millions of followers. Visit her at https://www.cloriskylie.com and get her free E-Book to expand your client base at https://myplatform.info/free-pdf-ebook.