Coming Soon Preview: The Nearness of You TCMLS: Episode 00082

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My dad, my wonderful dad.

My dad, my wonderful dad.

Welcome to a short preview of the show I am launching soon on Blog Talk Radio named “The Nearness of You”.  It is a show where I will read some of my father’s letters home to my mother from his training in the US Army to his being stationed in France and Germany as WWII was winding down. The show will include interviews, styles of the day, news of the day, and people have already been signing up to talk about their family memories.  I am so excited to bring this show to life because we cannot allow this important time in world history to fade into oblivion.

Get Ready!  Get Set! Listen to The Nearness of You

  • I am Carole Hujber Sanek (drop the J and pronounced HUBER)
  • The show title comes from the Hoagy Carmichael love song and was popular then
  • I always wanted to write a book about my dad, William L. Hujber, and his letters home for my children and grandchildren
  • One day the idea of reading his letters out loud came to me and the rest is history
  • No battles – this is a legacy show
  • It will have sad moments and stories and happy ones too
  • I launch 6/6/16 the anniversary of D-Day
  • Learn about D-Day as I talk about this incredible military operation
  • This invasion was amazing and took months to prepare
  • I was in Normandy
  • I walked that beach
  • Anyone know Tom Brokaw?
  • 6/6/16 my first episode launches

I know the music is rough still working out kinks.

Thank you and please watch for more news on the launch of The Nearness of You.