Power Women Speak – Nada Lena – TCMLS: Episode 00081

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NadaNada Lena, is without a doubt one of my most powerful interviews ever.  She is the founder and CEO of Rise Up for You and a world-wide singing star and has performed in so many fascinating cities.

Ready?  Get Set and Listen Here is Nada Lena:

  • Power Women speak with Nada Lena who was born in Pennsylvania and is Lebanese
  • Rise Up for You empowers women globally
  • It is the California list again
  • Earthquakes to Hurricanes and a very early morning interview
  • Nada Lena helps others overcome their doubts and live their best lives
  • She also has a podcast
  • There is a conference coming in November in Newport Beach
  • I share about Power Women Speak
  • Nada shares about being a performer this is where she saw women lacking confidence
  • She started uplifting women in the cast
  • After tiring of traveling she came back to the states and had an executive position and saw the same thing happening with women she worked with – this would get in the way of their career
  • Then she got married
  • She gave up her career, her lifestyle, her house, her car, and her 6 figure income
  • She moved out of the country
  • I share how this worked for me but

Here Comes the Shocker

  • 3 weeks into the marriage her husband tells her he doesn’t love her
  • She came back to the states with 3 pieces of luggage and nothing else
  • Nada Lena had a wake up moment and listened to the voice in her head
  • She had to rebuild and she used her confidence to do this
  • It all starts inside of us
  • This is when she started Rise Up for You
  • My jaw dropped to my chest
  • I share when this happened to me in a simpler form
  • I had a lot of “oh my goodness” moments
  • Has Nada Lena forgiven him?
  • Many times things that happen to us it is truly not about us, it is about the other person
  • She is grateful this happened (now) and he has been able to work through his issues
  • Holding on to the bad stuff doesn’t make you feel better
  • You have to get the poison out
  • When you have confidence things fall into place
  • Reverse engineering
  • How the past creates our self-doubt
  • Nada Lena shares an example of a client she is working with
  • Nada Lena shares the story of her mother who has cancer and how the things she harbored has made it so difficult to be well and how her mother is dealing with this
  • I talk about how I was asked certain questions about what happened to me 9 years before my cancer diagnosis.
  • Where is Nada now?
  • Full time coach
  • Community work
  • Building a national tour
  • The conference is filled with amazing speakers
  • How Nada does a conference in a different way
  • There will be brainstorming sessions within the conference
  • riseupforyou/event is the way to get more information
  • There will be entertainment too
  • We talk about the importance of music
  • Nada partners with Girls Inc. a non-profit
  • We go back and visit the music career Nada had
  • The performance in Russia in the circus tent
  • Many songs from The Lion King
  • We discuss our mutual love of Broadway shows
  • What does Nada Lena do for fun?
  • Of course she still sings
  • She loves her company – Rise Up for You
  • Where I Work is my Address, Where I Work is the World – how I describe who I am and what I do.  It’s on my Facebook page.