Three Tips for Christmas Morning Photos and Beyond TCMLS: Episode 00013

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If you can’t afford a professional photographer to capture this years holiday memories, why not do it yourself? We want to offer you a few tips that will help you to create a great image you’ll be proud to frame.
It’s not necessarily about expensive equipment, even a point and shoot camera can capture a flammable photo!
Consider the 3 B’s for improving your photography skills:
1. Background- Always look at your background, don’t let the background become a distraction (photo bombers)
2. Backlighting- If the background is brighter than the foreground, or your subjects, don’t be afraid to use the flash, even outside
3. Balance- Consider actually taking control over the subjects you’re photographing, move them around until everyone looks balanced

Another helpful tip is to make your subjects laugh, get them to relax and have fun!
Take lots of pictures, that is the only way to improve your photography skills.
Get off of the automatic mode that way you are in control of what your photo will look like!
Be open to doing some research, the more you know the more fun you’ll have and let’s face it, the better your photographs will turn out.
Perhaps if you’re really serious about your images, get an editing program and take a few Youtube lessons, it’s easier than you think.
Happy shooting!!

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