Post Script The Sales Evangelist Donald Kelly Part 2 – TCMLS: Episode 00080

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The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist

Here is the Donald Kelly Post Script.  We dig deeper with Donald Kelly because after I listened to the first interview I felt we had not captured his essence.  WHOA – no it’s all cool I asked for a little more time and of course he did not say no, I mean really?

The Post Script:  We Dig Deeper with Donald Kelly and We Have Fun Doing it.

  • In becoming entrepreneurs who is the person in Donald’s life?
  • Surprise
  • He shares what is on the back of his business card something his mother said
  • Donald talks hustle and not the dance
  • I wasn’t expecting his answer
  • What get’s Donald’s heart racing did I stump him?
  • No, but his answer is very special.
  • Why Donald believes you have to make the best out of every situation.
  • Hello Jared Easley our mutual friend aka J Money (aha a secret nickname)
  • Is Donald afraid of anything?
  • He admits there are many things but his big big fear is deep water
  • Donald was an Eagle Scout cool beans
  • Fear of failure too
  • Learning to master the fears
  • I thought he would say snakes
  • We live in a snakey state
  • I admit I am scared of cockroaches especially the flying ones
  • Donald jumped out of an airplane – I can’t.
  • Did he really jump or was he talking about how as entrepreneurs we jump out of airplanes?
  • I wanted to ask Donald more questions so I called him back (and made this a 2-part rather than blending it in)
  • Here comes the profound question
  • How does Donald choose the best conference to attend
  • If I go to this event will I grow my network?
  • He tells you we have to look for events that will grow it, and those conferences do not necessarily have to be those where your tribe is – choose something where you will connect and grow.
  • Cost is important too
  • Why did Donald go to an HVAC conference?
  • Do you know what HVAC stands for?
  • Why my husband and I go to hang out at certain conferences
  • Do local if possible
  • Where will I see Donald next?

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