Less Than 5 – Tried and True Social Media Ideas – Episode 00073

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You have questions we have answers

You have questions we have answers

I am moving on to planning my presentation for Podcast Movement 16 in Chicago this summer and I will be talking about social media.  I am old school social media.  I am not bright shiny new penny.  I like the tried and true so in today’s show I talk about the tried and true social media ideas that still work well and give you some headline ideas for blogs/shows and more.

On With the Tried and True in Social Media

Headline Ideas:


  • How to ______________so you can ________________
  • Who else wants
  • The Secret of
  • Here is a method
  • Little known ways
  • Get rid of
  • Here is a quick way
  • Now you can
  • Have a ________________ or build a ____________________
  • What everybody should know about
  • How to become a
  • Stop wasting
  • The 20 most (or any number)
  • Free – people still love free
  • Give me 5 dys and
  • Give me 3 minutes a day
  • Do you recognize these 7 signs

Posting Ideas on Social Media

  • Celebrate a milestone
  • Share fun ideas
  • Post in off hours (midnight there are a lot of people on FB)
  • Tie fun things back to the business
  • Use a pet
  • Events and holidays
  • Trending
  • Polls/Quizzes
  • Word of the day
  • National day of the week
  • Quotes and Expertise