Less Than 5 – Social Media Boo Boos – Episode 00069

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Look out here comes the boo boo.

Look out here comes the boo boo.

Less Tha 5 is here today talking about social media boo boos – and things to avoid when doing social media.


Get Ready!  Get Set! Listen – to Social Media Boo Boos

  • Almost every business makes social media mistakes
  • #1 mistake is not having a defined social media strategies
  • How will social media advance your marketing goals?
  • How will you measure your social media marketing efforts?
  • What platforms are closely aligned to your target audience?
  • You have to answer these
  • You need a policy a plan and a measurable set of objectives
  • Consistency and engaging
  • Authentic voice is a must have
  • Think about your brand history and identify it
  • You can kid around you know – you can be funny with good taste
  • Show your quirky side
  • Know what platforms work best for you
  • I don’t do all those shiny new objects
  • I am a purist
  • Don’t let the wrong people manage your account be careful who has access
  • We teach you how to use your voice
  • Be very careful whom you give your password to and don’t make them an admin – use editor or something else
  • Do not post duplicate content between accounts and certainly not to G+ you will get busted by Google
  • Stay off the controversial stuff unless that is your business
  • Personal beliefs should remain personal and private