The Sales Evangelist – Donald Kelly – Part 1

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The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist

This is my funny and amazing interview with the one, the only, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly who knows his stuff for certain.  He is an over-the-top evangelist about sales, networking, conferences, Toastmasters and so much more. I enjoyed this interview so much I had him come back for a Part 2!

Fasten Your Seatbelts Here Comes The Sales Evangelist Part 1

  • I first saw Donald on stage
  • I think of him as the Chris Rock of podcasting
  • He was on stage as the Emcee for Podcast Movement 15
  • He was so funny
  • The Chris Rock story
  • Me, I get Bette Midler the nose and the curly hair
  • Then I saw Donald again on the Podcasters in Paradise cruise last November
  • Donald has an offer at the end of this show
  • You really need to be where your people are that will do business with you
  • Get off social media, get out and meet your ideal customers
  • Using offline means to grow your online business
  • Donald gives great advice about how he worked a conference
  • How The Sales Evangelist finds free conferences
  • He met Barbara Corcoran at the Entrepreneur Conference
  • People use to find free conferences near you and go
  • or search industry conferences
  • We live close to Orlando so looking up conferences coming to Orlando is smart
  • This is called lobbycon
  • You look for names on lanyards and make connections
  • Facebook groups are a great way to do business for everyone but me, my group is pitiful
  • We realize we met before Podcast Movement – we met in Orlando with Lou Mongello and Jared Easley
  • Donald’s group is Sales Evangelizers
  • I am the co-admin of a group called After the Conference VIP Room where those of us who attend conferences gather
  • The Padded Room my pitiful group I changed the name to The Padded Room Mktg Group
  • It just sits there
  • I talk about #LessThan5 my new podcast that runs M-F and is less than 5 minutes long
  • Donald shares how he grew his group – good advice here
  • We admit we have all seen each other in bathing suits on the cruise
  • We do some cruise chatter
  • Donald is from Jamaica
  • We talk Dunn River Falls and why I did not climb it
  • We talk about tracing our roots
  • We bring it back to center
  • Life is an audition
  • Every thing we say and do on line should be considered an audition
  • The Sales Evangelist talks about what he says to people
  • He treats others the way he believes they should be treated
  • Donald gives great examples
  • How evangelist got added to what he does
  • He rocked it
  • I share my sneaky trick
  • Learn what Donald does for fun
  • He loves staycations
  • And then there is flag football
  • Why timeblocking is important
  • Donald records in a closet
  • We recorded in January it was “cold” here
  • The Sales Evangelist talks about Danny Pena the video game podcaster and how he succeeded
  • You need to go where your tribe hangs out
  • Put on your big boy shorts, your big girl panties and do it
  • Donald’s goal is to be on over 145 podcasts
  • Now we get down to the passion of The Sales Evangelist
  • I tell my story about working the room in big pharma where I thought I was Liza Minelli
  • That story is still talked about
  • Being silly works if you do it properly and if it feels right
  • Introverts – I have introvert radar I like to find them and talk with them
  • Donald wants to speak at 60 events WOW
  • The Sales Evangelist talks about ALL that he has going on
  • How about a free 30 minute strategy session/consultation with The Sales Evangelist
  • Go to
  • No gimmicks
  • We definitely talked all over the place which is why we have a Part 2 which you will really enjoy
  • People don’t get to hear the post interview

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