Less Than 5 – Content Marketing and Engagement – Episode 00061

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Where the best marketing tips happen on content marketing.

Where the best marketing tips happen on content marketing.

Today was fun I stumbled all over myself on Content Marketing Monday so I wanted to expand on where I left off and talk about engagement on social media.


  • Let’s start with building credibility
  • You have to be seen by them in a good light
  • Quality content that brings them back
  • 67% of Twitter users said they bought from brand they follow, that was back in 2013
  • Twitter has added 100 million followers since then
  • I recently told people at a talk I gave the 2.3 BILLION people have Internet access in the world
  • That is about 33% of the world’s population
  • 93% of these people make their buying decisions on what they see on the Internet.
  • This number is huge
  • Don’t get lost in the crowd
  • You have to increase your website traffic
  • How many people hang out on company websites? Probably zero.
  • People spend 106 mins daily on social media
  • This is sufficient time to generate leads and increase sales
  • You have to write great content to put on land you own
  • Leverage the space you rent (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+.etc)
  • Run a contest OFF your website.  Send people there from social media.  Leverage!  Capture the lead.
  • You cannot put all your eggs in a social media basket.
  • Own the land you build your content house upon
  • 2.3 Billion people are active, 93% purchase from what they read, how are you reaching them?

So how was that for advice on content marketing and engagement?