Less Than 5 – Focus Recess – Episode 00060

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Focus Recess Friday

Focus Recess Friday

This episode is done with 3 people, Jeanne Gavish, my husband and moi.  All of us are active real estate agents, with the husband being a Broker/Owner.  We were sitting around drinking wine and I decided to record a Focus Recess episode.


  • TGIF
  • We were chatting real estate where we live and having wine
  • We are not talking business
  • We are talking what we will do this weekend to be better focused on Monday
  • Real estate doesn’t stop on weekends but we are working on it
  • Larry said I am focusing on our yard sale Carole made me clean the garage
  • Jeanne is having an appreciation food and drink fun time with her therapeutic essential oils.
  • Who knew you could cook and drink with them?
  • Jeanne made sage soup – trial and error oil infusion
  • I have a lot of friends in real estate
  • How I met Jeanne – I used to see her for sale signs every where I wasn’t sure she was real
  • We were taking a social media class at Florida Realtors and that is how we met
  • Lobbycon and how everyone should be doing lobbycon
  • Lobbycon is where you can make deals
  • Thank you Mike Mueller
  • It is a real word – lobbycon
  • See how we have taken a focus recess?
  • Thanks everyone
  • Take a focus recess break, play, smell the roses, cook from scratch, use some therapeutic essential oils