Facebook Changing Business Pages Help TCMLS: Episode 00012

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Unless you live in a cave you should have heard by now that Facebook is changing the way we who have business pages can promote them.  The reason behind this is because people are complaining when people are using their pages to do hard selling, promote contests with no prizes, or copy an ad word for word from a company they work for – you could lose your Facebook account so this episode will help you circumvent this – especially if you have a very low ad budget – I give you great tips on getting your brand noticed.

This episode contains:

  • Facebook’s exact description of the changes
  • Why they are making this change
  • What we can do
  • Tips for getting branded without being on Facebook
  • Using your website
  • Free ads
  • Playing in a different sandbox
  • Traditional media sources
  • More tips
  • One very important tip from my site developer

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Thanks so much for listening and if you have any additional tips please let me know.

Come fly with me, I think outside the net.

Carole Sanek

The Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC