The Best Marketing PR Advice Ever with Josh Elledge TCMLS: Episode 00078

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His smile says it all!!

His smile says it all!!

This episode is an interview with Josh Elledge, a fellow podcaster, and many other things. Josh wears a lot of hats. In this episode we talk marketing, PR, his business, his success, and more.  Thanks Josh. Now here comes the best marketing PR advice for sure.


  • How we met
  • How Josh went cliff diving on the cruise we took as podcasters in 2015
  • Josh starts out with his background
  • 9 years ago he launched
  • $5 million in membership sales
  • Gets his exposure through PR
  • Josh’s background is in journalism
  • He used his background in PR to his advantage
  • He built a know, like and trust with people
  • Josh has had businesses that did not work well too it happens
  • If you focus on personal development and increasing your worth – building and giving your value to others
  • The importance of knowing your worth
  • You need an “on ramp” and strategically plan your business launch
  • The #1 job of any entrepreneur is growing your business
  • Best 2 ways to get new business
  • Network with influencers
  • Tell your story to large audiences and bring value to everyone
  • Wait one more point for author speaker coaches – don’t hold your most valuable stuff back.
  • You have to exceed giving your clients more value than they paid for – this will bring more business to you
  • Carole shares some stories of things that recently happened to her
  • Josh talks pricing – you have to know what your market bears
  • Value based pricing – this is where to focus – look at the value you bring
  • PR is offered when we start in business and Josh explains why current PR program is broken
  • Small business PR is different than corporate PR
  • Josh’s advice is avoid standard PR businesses
  • Guess what?  My PR business is not a standard PR business – we understand small business PR
  • What I charge, what the big PR companies charge
  • We talk about writing great content
  • Your “own house” as to be in order before launching a PR program
  • Google Josh Elledge
  • You cannot “spray and pray”
  • Josh has the #1 savings program podcast on the planet
  • Fortune is in the follow up
  • This should be a high priority
  • Are you just connecting business cards for fun?
  • Ask how you can provide value
  • How to reach Josh
  • Free webinars on media placement
  • Josh tells you what his memberships cost
  • He helps people do HARO (Help a Reporter Out)
  • His media data base has 20000 contacts in it
  • Josh got carried away
  • Check Josh out
  • Longer show very informational

I told you this show was filled with the best marketing PR advice all in one show.

Again Josh’s website is

You can email him at

You can always reach me at

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