Creating a Euphoric Experience TCMLS: Episode 00077

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2 it is a must that you check these beautiful creations out and then order. it is a must that you check these beautiful creations out and then order.

I had the great pleasure of interviewing someone I have known for a long time.  Kristina Wehlau is one of the first people I met when we moved to Florida 11 years ago and started networking.  She has been designing her candle roses for over 5 yrs now and she is a entrepreneur with stick-to-it-ness.  In this episode we talk networking, we talk about her business, we paint a picture for you where in your mind’s eye you will see her creations and at the end of this summary you will find out how to see her lovely creations and more. Ready?  Get set.  Listen!

  • We have known each other for 8 yrs
  • She is the queen of networking
  • The wasp story
  • Kristina tells the story how she got started
  • Her creations are delivered in different vessels
  • Candle roses last – flowers die this is all about the experience
  • They come in different scents based on the brand she uses in her business
  • What blows her socks off in her business
  • There is no water needed in her arrangements
  • I see Kristina in Tampa more than I see her locally where we live – she understands networking
  • She displays arrangements at all networking events because her candle roses are a visual experience
  • We talk about 5 years ago and where she is now
  • Romance and candle roses is an experience
  • Specific line that caters to romance – now there is an experience
  • Forbidden desires – check it out on her website – it sizzles
  • 50 Shades of Play – now you really want to check this out
  • Her marketing plan has evolved
  • Candle roses are great to send to people in the hospital
  • I tell the story about the dog who ate the melts
  • I talk about dogs and their tastebuds why?  Our interview just traveled there.
  • Kristina talks about scents and our taste buds and more
  • Candle roses really go to our 5 senses we discuss this because you will be able to have all 5 experiences
  • These are available unscented too but they are only white
  • We talk about all the different holiday arrangements
  • There are so many different ways to use them
  • Gift boxes can be customized – go to the website and check them out
  • Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn Instagram – candleroses
  • redneckroses has it’s own FB page think Duck Dynasty
  • It is amazing how ideas happen

Thank you Kristina, thank you listeners, this show was so much fun.