Less Than 5 Focus Recess with Larry – Episode 00055

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We always take them.

We always take them.

Oh what the heck I sat outside today and I recorded this episode on the lanai (porch) with my husband, 3 birds, and 2 dogs for fun on Focus Friday:

  • Yeah we are outside
  • It is a gorgeous afternoon
  • We talk about getting away from work
  • Larry is like are we over
  • Larry takes a recess with me, wine and nibbles and our backyard
  • We do get Larry to step away from his computer he took 1/2 day off to help me shop that’s a focus recess
  • He cannot cook
  • He burned the green beans
  • Our dogs eat veggies – Larry burned the beans
  • We talk about what they eat
  • Larry tells the men who to never have to cook
  • Larry started a fire in the microwave twice
  • Focus recess can be just what we are doing
  • Love is grand
  • I will be interviewing Larry as the Broker Owner of a real estate company in FL
  • Larry explains that real estate agents are entrepreneurs
  • I sleep with my broker
  • Wanted