Less Than 5 Content Creating Mondays – Episode 00046

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Content Marketing Mondays Yes or No Quiz

Content Marketing Mondays Yes or No Quiz

Here we are back with content marketing Mondays on Less than 5 and it’s a quiz day – so get your brain in gear and answer these next 3 questions with a yes or no and get on the pathway to better content marketing creation.

The Quiz Starts Here:

  • Do you understand your audience?
  • Think about that – do you know what your audience comes to your blog to learn?
  • If you had a cooking blog you would need to write to your audience.
  • Are you solving problems, are you fixing things for them?
  • You won’t get read or shared.
  • The Pioneer Woman gets it – check her blog out
  • She is a top blogger and on the NY Times bestseller list and the Food Network
  • Question 2 do you have an about page?
  • It is an important page
  • Mine is long I admit it, talk about yourself, tell your story, tell them why you blog
  • Readers have issues they want solved
  • People do business with people they know like and trust
  • Are you promoting your content on social media?
  • Social media is the connection between your content and your audience
  • Try scheduling software, repeat invites to read your blog, repurpose your work
  • How were your answers?

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