The Money is in the Follow-Up – TCMLS: Episode 00076

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Today I am talking with Kerry Heaps and we are talking about how the money is in the follow-up.  She is the Founder and President of Kerry’s Network, Inc., a marketing organization that provides Business-to-Business Marketing services.  Kerry found me on Twitter (don’t I always tell people Twitter IS the place to find guests or be found?)  Let’s learn about Kerry:

Get yourself a "fat" book and take Kerry's advice on follow-up!

Get yourself a “fat” book and take Kerry’s advice on follow-up!

  • She started her podcast on Blog Talk Radio back in 2009
  • She talked about all aspects of building businesses
  • Then decided to streamline into marketing and sales
  • She wanted to have a magazine about marketing only marketing and “Strictly Marketing” was founded
  • Relaunched magazine in 2014
  • She has a wide readership
  • PR Newswire did a huge write up on them and they are nationally known
  • Today we are talking about follow up techniques to close the sale
  • The money is in the follow up
  • What does Kerry do after she leaves a networking event
  • Always connect with 4-5 people
  • You will know by listening if there is a fit and the fit may not show up at first
  • Kerry takes notes
  • You cannot remember everything
  • Send an email when you get home and make it genuine
  • Or a handwritten note
  • Social media plays a role in follow-up
  • The more people you talk to the more sales you make
  • You never know where someone will be in the future always stay in touch
  • A follow-up system is a great idea
  • I use Facebook as a CRM by putting people on lists on Facebook
  • It’s free to use it that way too
  • When you leave a sales meeting and they are not ready you should ask to be able to follow-up in 90 days they might say yes they might ask for 6 mos.  Always send an email stress the follow up and call them when you said you would.
  • Assumption and fear kill the follow-up process so stick to your promise
  • You can reach out with emails or sending information you think they could use prior to the follow-up
  • People do business with people they know, like and trust
  • The importance of having a system and how Kerry does it
  • Stop thinking you are bothering people mix follow-up into your cold-calling if you are still doing that
  • Kerry has a business CRM BUT she still manually keeps records
  • Get a “fat” book – the small little “fat” books then staple the business card to a page and write those notes so you know what to follow up with
  • Kerry has a coding system and it’s great
  • You can also color code
  • Kerry only leaves one voicemail and never again
  • Kerry likes the Dollar Stores
  • You are going to like her color-coding ideas
  • Not interested leads in hot pink or red and those leads get torn out of the fat book and put into a red folder.  Every 6 months she calls those leads.  This is a way to see if this person is still with the company.  If they are no longer with the company it’s time to get the name of the new person.  They might be interested right?  This is lead recycling
  • B2B success for sure
  • I am manual and I talk about my analog office where my white board is, and my stand-up desk
  • If it isn’t broke don’t fix it, use what you are most comfortable with
  • The follow-up process is what is important
  • We talk about how often we should follow-up
  • It can take 6-16 calls to get that person on the phone
  • Keep great notes – this will lead to success
  • How long should you pursue someone – the answer is until you reach them
  • One last great piece of advice – don’t give in to the fear keep calling

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