Less Than 5 – Content and Listening Go Together – Episode 00041

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Less than 5 brought to you today by Butterfly Boom Productions – visit us at carolesanek.com  On Mondays we talk content marketing but this weekend something happened that got my hackles up so I wrote a blog about it (which is also on carolesanek.com) where we are a full-service PR company.

  • I had to send a lot of repeat emails and I was aggravated
  • Then I texted
  • Then I called
  • To date I still do not have an answer
  • People do not pay attention
  • I put a post on FB it is in my blog carolesanek.com (lol)
  • People are also not reading – they skim, they pick out words and they say dumb things
  • Off center comments put a different spin on and that’s not always good
  • Then there is the duplicate comment by two different people
  • Listening is a skill
  • How many networking events have you gone to where you see people not paying attention
  • Classes in listening are offered at the university level – the skill is missing
  • Do deaf people who read lips have better “listening” skills?
  • We lost the skill of using our ears
  • Our brains are not in sync with our ears

There we are – let me know what you think carole@carolesanek.com


Welcome to Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments

Welcome to Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments