The Play Button is the Most Compelling Call to Action on the Web – Video Marketing

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The BEST video marketing thought leader ever.

The BEST video marketing thought leader ever.

Today we talk video marketing because the play button is the most compelling call to action on the web.  There is no doubt.  I couldn’t even shorten the title because I wanted to make a point.  Today I interview Karen Dove, who knew they would name a candy after her?  Talk about branding, she carries Dove candies with her everywhere.  Luck of the name people.  Now I want to share with you the importance of video marketing.  You should not be ignoring it.  Karen gives wicked tips on it, how to DIY, or how to even hire the company she works with, Nature Coast TV.  Ready?  Get set!  Listen!

Ready to Learn about Video Marketing?

  • We all hit the play button so are you videoing
  • You will probably hear Willie the Wonder Dog, she is always around when I podcast from home, let me know if you do
  • 70% of mobile activity by 2017
  • Everyone is using it
  • Do you have to hire someone
  • Small businesses can do their own video even from a mobile device
  • Authenticity is what is important, being real
  • It is okay to look a little silly or have a glitch really people it makes you real
  • Don’t ever read…..people can tell when you are reading
  • How do people who use teleprompters sound so natural.  They memorize, they hit points on a teleprompter not the entire speech
  • You don’t have to have a huge studio space to do a video
  • Everyone should be doing video
  • Don’t worry about how you look – it makes you real
  • We talk about all the places you can put video
  • Demonstrative videos are watched a lot
  • Guess what the #1 video topic is that gets viewed – go ahead guess
  • They are also the #1 Pinterest posts
  • Why amateur food pictures look like dog upchuck
  • Many people have caught on to video marketing
  • Use videos to train employees or a virtual assistant
  • Testimonials
  • Should you use a celebrity
  • Tell a story – people like to hear stories and they will buy into you and your company
  • What you should not do –
  • Don’t make it too complicated
  • Stay relaxed do not be nervous
  • Don’t miss giving a call to action
  • The length for internet and mobile under 3 mins
  • How to videos can be longer
  • Repurpose your videos
  • Tips on editing
  • Nature Coast TV will edit for you
  • Nature Coast TV has over 97000 fans – and they are located in a very small town north of Tampa
  • Time is money get a great editor
  • Last piece of advice – create a schedule, be consistent
  • Make sure you own the rights to your video if you contract with someone

Thanks everyone and start using video marketing to grow your business.