Less Than 5 – Shameless Plug and Social Media – Episode 00039

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The background on our website.

The background on our website.

I start with a glitch I stumbled all over my own words.  This was the 3rd start.  Willie the Wonder Dog who has her own page on Facebook interrupted me twice.  I am podcasting in my closet.  Why not?

  • talk about carolesanek.com
  • major editing on my website and why
  • it is still under construction and needs a little more done to it
  • you should always be tweaking your website
  • tonight my SEO expert is working with me, she works for me too
  • why we changed our name
  • why we expanded on what we offer
  • we are now Butterfly Boom Productions we were Social Butterfly Media Marketing
  • all this chopping and editing had me take a good look at social media
  • so I decided to focus on social media today and into the next couple of weeks
  • you have to have a defined social media strategy
  • you can’t launch your social media presence until you can answer 3 questions
  • how will your social media advance your overall marketing goals
  • how will you measure your social media efforts
  • what platforms are most closely aligned with your target audience and your social media objectives
  • we now have target marketing on board and we are so excited
  • are you using an authentic voice
  • I study and research my clients to sound like them

There – we are done ok?  That was fun.

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