Less Than 5 – Social Media Tips – Episode 00038

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Welcome to Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments

Welcome to Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments

Well hello again here I am with more social media tips to make your life simpler and keep your kids out of jail.  You know you need to spend more time with them so here we go:

  • This show correlates with working smarter
  • Be in better control of your time
  • Social media?  Find your mentors
  • Find people who succeed at what you need
  • Find them on Twitter
  • I have celebrity followers
  • I do
  • Yogurt with Reese Witherspoon
  • People want to share
  • Set specific times stop looking at Facebook all day
  • Delete your social apps on your phone OUCH
  • Leave the phone alone
  • Take time to absorb what you are reading
  • Read it again
  • Stop being everywhere on social media
  • Niche it down
  • Drink a martini – oops I am doing that while I type
  • I do NOT do Snapchat
  • Post at the right times
  • Social media is designed to be tempting

There you go #LessThan5 we did it again.