Power Women Speak – Danielle Watson TCMLS Episode 00073

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Last summer I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle Watson.  We were both at Podcast Movement 15 and I walked into a planned evening out at The Stock Yards in Ft. Worth.  It was a fun-filled raucous evening, filled with loud music, alcohol, fun, mechanical bull riding, great photo opps and so much more. Danielle is a very interesting woman – she amazes me.  She is a power woman.  We recorded this episode a while back so bear with our chatter about Fall.

The Elf Herself in all her power red.

The Elf Herself in all her power red.

  • Why I call her a sparkly elf
  • Danielle handed me a business card and I gave her my purse
  • Danielle is an anthropologist, a professional muse and a TedX speaker
  • Danielle admits she is pint-sized lady and a very popular lady
  • Danielle epitomizes enthusiasm
  • We have mutual love for each other
  • Danielle likes having speaking engagements
  • We talk about birds why not?
  • Danielle is thinking about doing a show – it takes work – it’s a lot of work I know I podcast
  • We discuss being “suddenly single” and using the experience as a catapult to become a person they want to spend the rest of their life with – focusing on oneself
  • I share my own experience with meeting and keeping #ITDude – my husband Larry
  • Danielle writes “letters to self” on Facebook
  • We talk about men who show up to support Danielle as a woman – like our friend Joe Pardo
  • We talk about the app telling us the word we use most on Facebook
  • Danielle’s favorite word – in the largest print – “LOVE” and the emoji for a heart
  • My two big words were “TODAY” and “WOMEN”
  • Danielle is a true power woman
  • We talk about TedX
  • Danielle talks about The Purse Process – her business and traveling around the country and an event she had been at in AZ
  • Months later she gets an invite to speak at the first TedX talk in Fountain Hills AZ
  • Danielle danced to get up on stage
  • The video of her TedX talk is amazing
  • Wearing power red and dancing
  • Danielle used my word – Danielle has Moxie
  • Danielle’s advice “Don’t be afraid to be a complete weirdo.”
  • We talk about how Danielle’s mom felt about her TedX talk
  • Danielle also sang – on camera – she sang – she has Moxie
  • There were 18 speakers there – amazing
  • The beauty of Sedona
  • I wanted to be married there – it’s such a peaceful place
  • There is a level of reverance there, it’s a sacred space
  • There is so much beauty in AZ
  • All that rehearsing and it’s a 12 minute talk
  • We discuss Marc Maron at Podcast Movement 15 and how he was nervous in public
  • The resting face that doesn’t look happy
  • Danielle is a successful entrepreneur
  • We talk anthropology and archeology
  • Why?  She is a girlie girl so she had to find an unconventional way to use her education
  • The Purse Process was born – Danielle really looks into purses
  • She took a masculine skill-set and turned it feminine
  • Yes I carry Michael Kors bags
  • I admit I embellished on Danielle’s bio because I could
  • She is elfin slightly over 5 ft tall
  • Danielle was born in California and now lives in Virginia
  • A long talk on how she now lives with snow
  • Virginia wines vs California wine talk
  • The wines are totally different by taste in Virginia
  • I talk about a winery here in FL that just doesn’t do it for me
  • We come back to being suddenly single
  • Danielle shares her personal story and how she worked through it all
  • Go for “your it”
  • If you really want to have true fulfilling success you have to go for “your it”
  • Why some people don’t make it
  • People spend too much energy on things that don’t matter
  • Reasons to keep going – they are out there – there are always helpers

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