Less Than 5 – Stats and Facts About Pinterest – Episode 28

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Welcome to Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments

Welcome to Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments

Ha the joke is on me – I called this episode 27, and it is really episode 28 and I am rolling with me inability to count today.  I have a busy day, it’s Podcast Wednesday and I batch record interviews so to show I am far from perfect I am leaving my mistake.

  • I admit I am not a big pinner
  • Hopefully hiring a VA will help me
  • Pinterest has 47million active monthly users world-wide.
  • 42% of online women use Pinterest, compared to 13% of online men
  • 80% are women accounting for 92% of all pins
  • Food and recipes are the number one thing pinned
  • I like to go there to look for low carb food options
  • Every minute 9700 pins are posted
  • Stop posting bad food pictures on Instagram and Facebook
  • Pinterest tips
  • Engagement and consistency of course
  • Pin posts as often as you like there is no limit
  • Posting about business add descriptive content
  • Show appreciate for other pins
  • Use community boards – remember to read the rules there
  • You can check out your competition – you can find out a lot about what they are doing.

Thanks and remember I am not perfect – this is episode 28.

Did you have a chance to check out our longer podcast yesterday – our newest Crazy Lady, Robyn Sayles did a splendid job and she has more in the hopper. Her show is episode 72 Healthy Intent Feed Your Body, Feed Your Mind and there is a free gift in the show notes.

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That’s it and thanks again.