Healthy Intent Feed Your Body, Feed Your Mind TCMLS: Episode 00072

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Today’s show, Healthy Intent, Feed Your Body, Feed Your Mind, is our first show by our new crAzy lady, Robyn Sayles and it is a great show filled with information and is calorie free –  good job Robyn. Don’t forget to get your copy of “My Healthy Day Checklist” in this summary.Natalia Levey

It was my pleasure to chat with Natalia Levey of Healthy Intent in her brand new Tampa office (the paint was still drying!). Natalia shares with us her journey to entrepreneurship, some amazing food & health tips, and what she’s learned about branding & business. And how she became an unintended author! Along the way you will learn:

  • Natalia’s insights into the psychology of eating:
    • How what you eat affects how you feel and how you perform – mentally & physically
    • Making healthy choices is a lot easier when you have support
    • A diet that works wonders for your friend may not work for you at all
    • Proper mindset, bio individuality, and FUN are the keys to success
  • She thought B-School was a cult until she attended; now she drinks the Kool-Aid
  • The people and programs that have had a huge impact on her business
  • How getting clear about your brand & message make it easier to let people help you
  • The crazy story of how Natalia’s husband inspired her to take a giant leap and turn a simple value-add PDF into a full length book that will be published very soon!

Get “My Healthy Day Checklist” by clicking here now

Links we discussed in the show:


And here is Robyn, great show we all need a healthy intent:

You are going to love her shows.

You are going to love her shows.