Less Than 5 – Focus Recess Thoughts – Episode 00025

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Welcome to Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments

Welcome to Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments

Welcome back – in today’s Less Than 5 I wasn’t sure what type of inspiration I wanted to leave everyone with, you see I do these Less Than 5 shows Monday through Friday and the episodes that end in zeroes or fives are always about inspiring you to go out and do more with your dream.  I thought about that and then I rememembered last weeks blog I wrote that I titled ” Focus! Focus! Focus! I Call Bullshit on Focus” and I will share the link to that article in this summary.

When I wrote it I used the phrase “focus recess” and BAM I realized that is the perfect name for Friday episodes so there you have it.

Less Than 5 is growing like a weed.  I should have done this from the start, but it’s all good, I am doing it now.  In fact I will be doing more dual shows like I did yesterday where two of us talk about marketing tips.  Thank you from the bottom of my big heart for your support.

Let’s get into the meat of the Less Than 5 today and focus recess thoughts.

  • 5 weeks of thinking paid off in naming the 5th show of the week
  • The blog article I wrote and why I believe a focus recess is a necessity
  • The 4 minute mile
  • Over 100 years the record was not broken until
  • May, 1954 – you know the story – Roger Bannister 3:59:4
  • Headlines around the world
  • After that the record was broken over and over again
  • No one trained any differently
  • The barriers to the mind set had come down
  • Belief leads to success
  • Your dreams can be fulfilled
  • I talk about our longer episodes where we interview people whose beliefs lead them to great success
  • Power Women Speak – perfect example
  • 2nd interviews are coming with women we interviewed
  • Robyn Sayles show is next
  • Then finally Danielle Watson
  • Keep believing
  • It works!

There you have it.  Less Than 5 leaves you with some great thoughts to ponder over the weekend.

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