Less Than 5 – Lynn is Back With Branding Advice – Episode 00024

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Hip Hip Hooray, Lynn stopped by for coffee and the price of a cuppa joe in this office is doing a Less Than 5 tip with me, so today we talked branding, ready?

Welcome to Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments

Welcome to Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments

  • We are doing a dual show
  • Your brand is not your logo – it’s a component not the be all end all
  • What do employees at Walgreens say when you are done checking out?
  • I did not know
  • Chick Filet – it’s my pleasure is what they say it is a part of their brand
  • Your brand is a feeling
  • Stop spending tons of money people need to feel your brand
  • The Pepto Bismol connection to branding
  • Fiddlehead is what Lynn is called due to her brand
  • The Butterfly is here – why I chose my business brand
  • What are you putting out there, whose interest are you trying to capture
  • Copiers rebranded
  • Can’t get stagnet or stale in branding

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and little old me:

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Carole (and Lynn)